Wiz Bio

Brad Harris AKA Wizdom Cali (Wiz)
Cali Born - Florida Grown - Las Vegas present
  • - Born into the tattoo world as my father was a pro traveling artist
  • - Age 11 did my first tattoo and began the tattoo journey 
  • - High school and college tattooed and worked on my craft and skills
  • - 2015 began working independently as a professional and taking the next step
  • - 2015-2019 developed knowledge and skill of most styles deciding to pursue realism as my choice of style
  • - 2019-2021 worked at a shop in Naples Florida
  • - 2021-2022 Worked at biggest shop in San Diego crushing quarter sleeves daily
  • - 2023 moved to Vegas and happy to be apart of Kulture Ink LV                . 

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